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Shanghai Systeam Biochem CO.,ltd(Chengdu Systeam Biochem CO.,ltd) is located in Wenjiang District Industrial Park on both sides of the Straits . Our company specializes in providing chemical building blocks, reference compounds, and custom synthesis to companies all over the world for the purpose of medicinal research and innovation. We also conduct extensive synthetic technology research and development using our world-class lab facility and advanced scientific research equipment. Additionally, SYSBC has a pilot laboratory dedicated to improving our large-scale production process in order to keep up with growing customer demand.

The SYSBC team is composed of highly qualified scientists with many years of experience in the lab, all of whom are committed to ensuring that the quality of our products and services remains pristine and prompt from the moment they are manufactured all the way until they arrive in the hands of the customer.

We will try our best to provide customers with the best quality and efficient CRO and CDMO services, solving all kinds of technical problems encountered by customers in the development and production of new drugs, and providing a whole set of solutions.

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    Lane 1399, Zhang Heng Road, Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Shanghai, P.R.China
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